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Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting to Parents
At Carmunnock we follow the Curriculum For Excellence.
This offers a broad and general education for all children in primary, which to aims to develop the following four capacities in our children:
  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Effective Contributors
  • Responsible Citizens
The Curriculum is comprised of Languages, Maths, Health and Wellbeing, Social Subjects, Sciences, Technologies, Expressive Arts and Religious and Moral Education. Often several of these curricular areas are combined in the study of a topic or project.
There is continuity and progression and all pupils are allowed to develop at their own pace. Suitable programmes of work are produced to meet the age, ability and aptitude of the individual pupil. Children are actively encouraged to become involved in their own learning.
An awareness of the responsibilities of living in a multi-cultural society is stressed at all times. There are opportunities for all children in the school, irrespective of gender, race or religion to participate fully in all aspects of the school’s activities.
Further information on the new Curriculum For excellence can be found at
Assessment is on going throughout the year in all areas of the curriculum. Every pupil has an assessment folder, which will show his/her progression from P1-7.   These are available for parents to see at any time.   All levels from early to second are covered. The level your child is working at will be reported to you in his/her school report from the teacher.
Our school reporting calendar allows three opportunities during the school year when parents receive a report on children’s progress. If, at any time, you require more information, we are happy to make an appointment for you.
November/March - Interview by appointment
June - Annual Written Report